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Math Question of the Day

Word of the Day

Word of the Day, part two

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National Weather Map - symbols

Local Weather Forecast - NOAA

Sunrise/Sunset, Moonrise/Moonset: Farmer's Almanac

Current Moon Phase

Rainfall Totals

Social Studies Links:
Social Studies for Kids!
BBC News for Kids
Massachusetts State House "Kids' Zone" and Trivia Quiz

Be a Junior Ranger!

"Falling States" USA Map Game!

US States, Capitals, Regions Tutorials and Quizzes

US State Capital Multiple Choice Quizzes!

50 State Capitals Song
Latitude and Longitude Game
Find out the distance between two points on a map!

Geography quiz (US and World) geography quiz

On the Trail of Captain John Smith: A Jamestown Adventure

Revolutionary War Activities
New England States Game and Trivia

Pilgrim Journey Map

Pilgrim and Wampanoag Website!

Talk Like a Pilgrim
Plimoth: You Be the Historian!
PBS Pilgrim "Reality Show" - Interactive History

Redwood Forests of California

Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

Columbia River Gorge

Science Links:Schoolhouse Rock - Electricity!Make an Electromagnet
Bend Water with Static Electricity
Roll a Can with Static Electricity
Erosion and Weathering LessonErosion/Rock Cycle Game
Rocks for Kids Site

Electricity Lab!
"Who Am I?" Rocks and Minerals Game
You Can Make Glass from Rocks and Minerals!
Igneous Rock Lesson

Hurricane Web site
Find Out about Hurricanes

Build a Food Chain Game

Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection Lab

Latitude Line Monarch Peak Dates

Monarch Migration Maps and Animation

Monarch Slide Shows
Monarchs in the Classroom - Quiz

Plant and Soil Mysteries

10 Amusing Animal Adaptations

Wolf Information!

Kids' Planet ESPECIES Fact Sheets

Animal Adaptations film

Endangered Animals Coloring Pages

Animal Adaptations game

National Geographic Animal Fact Cards Site
Animal Diversity Web

Endangered Species Search - is your animal endangered?
Find out about the most recent Massachusetts endangered species
Interactive US Map of Endangered Species
Cloud Types
Find Out About Earthquakes
Find Out About Tornadoes

Math Links:
Word Problem Game #1Word Problem Game #2x5 Multiplication QuizGreg Tang Math Kakooma MultiplicationGreg Tang Math Break Apart Multiplicationx2 Multiplication QuizXtramath
Graphing Game!!
Learn Your Multiplication Tables Game!Math Live! Lessons and GlossaryPlace Value 100 chart Fireworks Game
Place Value Tutorial
Greg Tang's Math Games!

ThatQuiz Math Fact Games

Expanded Notation Game

Mega-Penny Project - Place Value
Make the Highest Number Game
Powers of Ten Film
Estimation/Rounding Game!

Math Fact Quiz Game

Interactive Multiplication Table

Bobby Bear Combinations Game

Algebraic Expressions Game!

Schoolhouse Rock Multiplication Videos!

Probability Game - Balls and Pegs!

Probability: Virtual Coin Flip and Graphing!

Probability: Virtual Dice Roll and Graphing!

Quadrilateral Quest!

Similar and Congruent Figures Game

Geometry Quiz

3-D Polyhedra Identification Game
Prism Exploration Site

Polygon Sorting Game
Triangle Sorting Game
Rotation Arrow Game
Tangram Game
Shape Rotation Game
Online Geoboard Tool

Symmetry WebsiteFractions - Learn AlbertaTony's Fraction Pizza ShopFractions - EquivalentFractions -Comparing
Fractions Game - Equal Parts

Fractions Lab - Showing and Comparing Fractions
Fraction Number Line Game - Identifying Fractions
Fraction Circle Game - Identifying Regions

Fractions Game - Regions and Sets

Fractions Game - Comparing Fractions

Fractions Video - Comparing Fractions

Fractions Game - Improper Fractions/Mixed Numbers

Decimal Detective GameOrdering Decimals Game

Coordinate Graphing Game

Coordinate Graphing Alien Game

Multiplication Fact Games

Multiplication Puzzle Game
Factoring Array Game - Illuminations

Division Puzzle Game
Division "Matho"Long Division "Chunking" Game

Clock Puzzle Game

Roman Numeral Game

Addition Puzzle Game

Subtraction Puzzler

Area of Rectangles Quiz (Gives Certificate when finished!)

Liquid Volume Game

Measurement Units Game

AIMS puzzles

Area Activity

Perimeter Activity

Area Quiz

Fractal Tool

Box and Whisker Plot Tool

Reading Links:
Our Class' Reading and Writing Blog!

Storyline: Stories with Captions, Read Aloud with Animation

Four Books, Read Aloud with Animation

How Mona Lisa Got Her Smile (Read Aloud with Animation)

Illustrated Stories to Read!

More Illustrated Stories to Read!

Fabulous Folktales!

Funny Poetry

BBC "Big Toe" Read-Alouds

Characteristics of Fairy Tales (and a sample fairy tale)
Mysteries to Solve Online!Affixes/Roots Challenge
Winter Poetry
Writing Links:Line Breaks in PoetryReadWriteThink Printing PressAcrostic Poetry ToolDiamante Poetry ToolOnline ThesaurusShape Poetry ToolCrossword Puzzle ToolFunny Haiku poetry BioPoem Generator

Magnet Poetry Tool
Rhyming Word Generator

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Enter your spelling words to play games and be tested on them!


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